Insurance reimbursements

Update as of August 4th, 2020: We are thrilled to announce that we can now offer monthly insurance discounts to those who are eligible. 

  1. Go to (Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

  2. Go to “MEMBERS Options”

    First Time Enrollment

  3. Click “First Time Enrollment”

  4. Select your Insurance Company.

  5. Enter the Zip Code of your facility to find your location.

  6. Click “Enroll Online” which will prompt you to fill out information that will complete your online enrollment. (Some facilities will say “Enroll”, if so, you will need to talk to the Manager in order to get signed-up).

  7. Read your insurance information before enrolling in fitness Incentive program.

  8. Complete all fields for “Member Enrollment” and click Submit.

Please review these topics for reimbursement eligibility and the process of submitting insurance.  There is a lot of information to read below, but we want to make sure you are all as informed as possible.

**This is for monthly reimbursements (up to $20) only, and excludes prepaid accounts, RenewActive, SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit, and other supplement programs.**

How do I know if I’m eligible for reimbursement?
You will need to inquire within your insurance company (or employer if you are insured through them), to check eligibility. They will tell you whether or not they offer reimbursements.

How do I receive my reimbursement credit, and how much is the reimbursement?
I’ve attached step-by-step instructions to the bottom of this email, along with the website, for where you’ll enter your insurance information.  All you need to do is enter the information requested within these instructions, scan your access card to collect visits, and at the end of each month we will submit your visits to the insurance company. When the insurance company issues the reimbursement, they will directly deposit it into your desired savings or checking account.  Most insurances reimburse up to $20 per two qualifying adults (at least 18 years of age).

When do I receive my insurance reimbursement?
For all insurances, there is a two month lag in receiving reimbursements. For example: July visits will be collected by insurance at the end of the month. Those visits will be reviewed by insurance in August; you will receive your reimbursement by September 1st billing. 

How many visits do I need to receive a reimbursement?
To find out the number of monthly visits required to receive reimbursements, you’ll need to contact your insurance company (or employer) to find out their requirement.

What if I forget to scan my card?
If you forget to scan your card, we can resubmit those visits, HOWEVER, the credit will not be applied until the next month. If you forget to bring your access card on the same day the manager is in, we can manually add a “check-in” for that same day.

All members are in charge of scanning access cards and keeping track of scans.

What insurances are active?
Health Partners, PreferredOne, Medica, Fleet Farm, MTS, Midco, Portico, Sanford, UCare.

Silver Sneakers & Silver&Fit Update: Our contract is in review and can take up to two weeks for our club to be active, if not sooner.